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Stanlees Home Improvements Roof Repair

Do you have a leaking roof? Don’t let a little roof leak turn into a larger and more costly roof repair issue. Call Stanlees Home Improvements to repair your leaking roof and repair your roof drain problems. Our friendly and well-informed team will work with you to ensure your roof is repaired quickly and correctly.

Roof Repairs To Fit Your Budget plan!
We have a fast option to a leaking roof that is typically over $7,500 in roof replacement cost. We can come out and make roof shingle repair works for a variety of: $395– $895 in general and most of the times where whole roof replacement is not required. This is a substantial savings that will keep the leakages from entering your home for some time.

How Do We Determine Where The Roof Drip Is Originating from?
This can be difficult without an untrained eye. You can see the water coming in through the sheetrock, nevertheless it needs to get in from the roof to obtain into your home. The following is how we identify the roof leak source so we can make the needed repair works to your home

Our roof repair service team carries out roof repair services for a variety of roof types. Do you have curling roof shingles, damaged slate or cracked roof tiles? Do you need flat roof repair? Whether it’s fixing a shingle roof, repairing flat roof leakages or fixing roof tiles, our experienced roofer will fix and restore your roof immediately to assist safeguard your property when again from the aspects. We can match any product. Don’t hesitate to call or once you see the first indication of a leak or stain on your ceiling or roof.

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