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What Is Green Roofing?

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof which includes a high quality water proofing and root repellant system, a drain system, filter fabric, a light-weight growing medium and plants.

A Green roof systems might be modular, with drain layers, filter fabric, growing media and plants currently prepared in movable, typically interlocking grids, or loose laid/ built-up where each part of the system might be set up independently. Green roof advancement includes the development of “consisted of” green area on top of a human-made structure.

This green area might be below, at or above grade, however in all cases the plants are not planted in the “ground’. Green roofs can supply a wide variety of public and personal advantages.

Couple of major structure systems contribute to green structure in as numerous methods as a roof does. A professionally-installed roof can increase your home’s toughness by controlling moisture, improving energy efficiency, supporting renewable energy, and enhancing indoor air quality.

A green roof is:

  • One that is resilient & effective.
    One that makes a home healthier & more comfortable.
    One that leaves a smaller sized ecological footprint.
    Green Roofing Options & Suggestions from On Tops Roofing

Cool roofing items utilize a highly reflective surface area to show heat originating from the sun’s rays away from the roof and home. The absorbed part of heat is rapidly re-emitted; thus, the heat in your attic and home is lowered. Furthermore, the cycles of hvac that shorten a roof’s life are reduced. We provide cool metal roofing alternatives which use highly-emissive painted or unpainted metal surface areas, along with, cool roofing shingles. Cool roofing shingles provide energy savings as well but with a standard appearance– no more a white shingle, the granules are covered with several layers of reflective product.

Appropriate ventilation helps to keep heat and wetness from developing in the attic, enhancing indoor air quality and the roof’s life cycle.

Is A Green Roof Right For You?

Would your home or structure be an excellent prospect for a green roof? If your roof is flat or no greater than 30 degrees sloped, and in a bright place reasonably unshaded by trees, then you may be able to green roof your home. Since green roofs weigh more than standard roofing, you will likewise have to make sure that your home can support the included weight of the soil after a rainstorm– generally 20 lbs per sq. ft. The industry standard of a green roofing normally varies between $12–$35 per square foot. Search for an installer who brings both green roof experience and training from Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, which is presently establishing an “Accredited Green Roof Expert” credential.

If you’ve been thinking of going solar in the house, you may be questioning which is much better– green roofing or photovoltaic panels? While green roof plants undoubtedly can not grow in the shade of a photovoltaic panel, some property owners still may be able to do both, setting up a green roof on a flat area of roof and photovoltaic panels on a tilted area.
If you need to decide, photovoltaic panels are nicer for the world, because they can assist you motivate the green energy future and lower your international warming emissions by a 3rd. Planetary system can cost from $25,000 to $45,000, so for those who do not have that sort of cash, green roofing is an excellent 2nd option. Green roofs normally cost around $2,000. Talk with your expert Green Roofing Contractor Today.

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