A fast note about language here. One factor individuals get so baffled, and maybe heated up, about device homes is that language about them is puzzled. The various names summon various images; who would not rather reside in a “carriage home” than in a “supplementary system”? The very first one recommends the home has a heritage of horses; the 2nd one a bureaucrat with a thesaurus. “Basement house” invokes some scary location, whereas “house over the garage” creates the Fonz!

There are at least a lots names in flow that are utilized for accessory residence system. Here they are. I will include some connect to use examples as I have the time.

accessory house
accessory home
accessory home system (the most frequently utilized term amongst organizers, however strangely, not utilized presently on Wikipedia).
accessory suite (utilized here to define a connected ADU).
accessory system.
supplementary system.
yard home.
basement apartment or condo.
carriage home.
dawdy home (amongst Amish).
garden home (utilized here to define a removed ADU).
garden suite (utilized primarily in Canada).
Grand Retreat (a business name) [example] granny home.
granny flat.
granny pod
granny system.
house within a house (utilized by Lennar marketing) [example] in-law.
in-law suite.
in-law system.
” JADU” or “junior device home system”– a little, internal ADU
laneway home.
mother-in-law flat.
” mother-daughter” or “mother/daughter” home
multigenerational houses [example] Next Gen (an industrial name)
Ohana system (in Hawaii)
secondary suite (more typical name in Canada).
2nd system.
secondary system.
secondary house system.

This Babel-in-a-teacup may be fine if all these terms described precisely the very same thing. However sadly they do not. The use of some property representatives and appraisers recommends a distinction in between in-law suites and accessory residences, with in-law suites being either internal to the structure or less independent than basic device residences. And HUD makes a difference in between “accessory systems” and “secondary systems” that can have an impact on appraisals.

I advise individuals utilize “accessory home” or “accessory residence system,” in spite of their rather administrative noise. For much better or even worse, these are the terms utilized most by organizers and inspectors and federal governments, who you might wish to deal with or impact. And these terms are basic enough they integrate all the architectural types of this sort of house, whereas something like “granny home” does not.

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