Comic Books are Good, Bad, or Ugly

This is a question that every parent asks, as children are always very interested in reading comics. Most of the people had always thought of comic books as a positive and harmless activity for kids, until Dr. Fredric Werthham came into action. In words of Dr. Fredric Werthham, who insisted that comic books are not good for children, as they have immature and innocent mind, which should not be polluted with the stories of comics. Dr Werthham is a distinguished psychologist, in his own words he described why comics are not good for children as the type of drawing and stories provided by comic books are a strain on the minds of readers, he believes that the horrible figures stimulate the nervous system and kids end up having night-mares. The mere use of extra bright and violent colors like black, white, red and blue, the natural artistic sense of children get abolished and extra spices of sex, murder and high-lighted physical landmarks destroys the innocence and naïve minds of children, leading to pre-mature adolescence and disturbed nervous circuitry. He made it clear in his books that teachers and parents should take strong intervention to break the comic influence on children, by indulging them in other productive activities. Dr Werthham published a book in 1954 with the title Dr. Wertham’s book “Seduction of the Innocent” in which he describes how the young generation and innocent mind is getting affected by the action and adventures of comic books. According to his case studies, his various patients have disturbed mental activity and behavior, because of comics. He further advocated that comic super-heroes are taking the children in the world of fantasy; their immature brain is not able to think that scientifically it is not possible that a man can fly like superman. Further strength to his hypothesis was provided by some incidents in later 1960s and 1970s when children, in an attempt to fly like superman, dressed in superman costumes and jumped from windows. To further prove his point, he displayed in his book, many title pages of comic books, that have gruesome covers and images, which obviously is not good for mental health of kids. However there are many critics that support the idea that children should have some activity or habit of reading. Today, most of the western parents don’t have time to teach their kids about the power of truth, for all those kids, comic characters are a source of inspiration. However it is the job of parents and teacher to keep an eye on their kids, if they are getting overly obsessed with some characters. Also you have to keep an eye what your child is reading as some comics are overtly gruesome and vulgar, which obviously is not going to help the child psychology by exposing him to all this at a very pre-mature mental stage. There is nothing like good or evil, it all depends on the use and abuse of things. Read More

Notable Comic Book Characters

We are all aware of comic books and comic characters, especially since comic characters have the ability to leave comic world and come to live with us in our world. For some folks who still don’t understand, a comic book is one in which the author, instead of writing a scene, draw a picture with all the character talking in bubbles. The main theme of reading a comic book, is to use imagination. Instead of scene description, the details of scene are shown in picture, but imagination is to be used, to see comic hero doing what is impossible in real world. History of comics is not very old, infact it’s only in 1933, when comics appear for the first time in an American newspaper as comic strips, which gained immense popularity and later lead to printing of separate comic books. Today almost all countries have some folk tales narrated in the form of comic books, especially American, European and Japanese comics are famous throughout the world. Famous Funnies have the honor of being the first true comic book, to ever get published in 1934; however The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck in 1842 is debated to be the first prototype American comic book. FEW NOTABLE COMIC CHARACTERS: 1. Superman by Joe Shuster in 1938 and Jerry Siegel 2. Flash by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino in 1956 3. Fantastic Four by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1960s 4. Spiderman by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in 1970s 5. Conan by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith in 1970 6. Green Lantern by Denny O’Neil and Neal Adams 7. Batman: This is about the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller 8. Watchmen: this was made by Alan More These famous characters gave a new turn to comic industry; these characters didn’t stay in books only but became a part of our daily life. When movies and television serials were being made on the in late 20th century, these heroes become more famous and loved, not just only by those who read comic books, but also in the countries where comic books were still a dream. Movies and serials like Superman, The hulk, batman, spider man and green lantern are now essential components of Madam Tussauds Wax museum, which is itself an achievement for the writers of these magnificent characters. Today kids all over the world not only read and collect comic books, but also try to copy their favorite heroes by dressing up like them. Companies specially design and sell costumes, note-pads, file folders, stationary items and items used by these heroes in market, which is a business in itself. Some people believes that comic books are not good for our children as these takes children to a fantasy world and most kids feel really hurt when after growing they realize that comic heroes exist only in comic books, however it has a positive aspect to it too. Children consider these heroes role models and wants to be like them, and as we all know these heroes are a combination of power, strength, love for man-kind and truth. Read More


Who is not aware of the guy wearing red underwear over a blue costume? You still need a hint? He has a big ‘S’ written on his chest and whenever somebody is in need he can take off his three-piece suit in 3 seconds and fly in sky to help people in need. Oh come on! We know it is superman, the great legend and comic book hero. Superman comic books were published by DC comics, who is a very famous American publishing company and the first copy was first published on April 18, 1938. The legendary character, known to entire world was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Story basically revolves around an infant born on another planet Krypton, who ends up on our planet Earth and adopted by an American family who named him Clark Kent. The child obviously had supernatural powers since his childhood and has been displaying his moral since the beginning of the story. Then as with all stories, Superman grows to a tall, smart, handsome hunk, who is always ready to help others. He hides his glowing magnetic eyes behind spectacles and always wears a three piece suit, but whenever and where ever he is needed; he gets there in a snap. Superman’s personality is shown as rough, strong and aggressive. Superman is always ready to attack wife beaters, profiteers and gangsters and is not scared of any force on planet. He is willing to take down the enemies of man-kind at the expense of his own life: Very interesting in this regard is a statement made by Jackie Chan, when he was asked if it hurts when he perform all dangerous stunts, he laughed and replied, obviously he is not a superman, which basically portray that superman symbolizes unbeatable and unshakeable strength and power. In the cartoon movies that are later made and are always a great source of fun for me and for all the people I know. Lois was Superman’s girlfriend who was unaware of Clark Kent power. She never had idea that the superman she admires most is her co-worker Clark Kent. There are literally thousands of movies, television shows, cartoon shows are made on Superman and each has been rated as most viewed and top rated by viewers of each time. Actors who played the roles of Superman were loved by audiences to such an extent that Superman became their identity. Character of Superman was played by different actors who were on the peak of their career at the time of playing role and includes Christopher Reeve (September 25, 1952 – October 10, 2004), Tom Welling (born April 26, 1977) and Brandon Routh (born October 9, 1979). Today not only children, but adults too are fans of Superman. And anything with the characteristic Superman “S” is always in demand. Companies take the advantage of superman fame in designing their products and marketing campaigns and children always want superman costumes for Halloween and other events. Read More